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An essential look at the mid-to-late 60s soul and R&B music coming from the family of labels headed by Bob Robin - wonderful New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Muscle Shoals recordings released on the International City, River City and Rai imprints by George & Lee, Carolyn Porter, Senator Jones, Gerri Hall, Chick Carbo, Tommy Ridgley, Robert Parker, Wayman Dixon, Bobby Marchan, Lee Tillman and George Perkins! The set's remarkable for a few reasons. For one, it pulls together stellar period southern R&B that could have gotten over big anywhere in the country if the word got out of area - wonderful stuff with a homebase of New Orleans, but not so much in a precise Crescent City mold. It also features artists we don't see compiled very often, if at all, which is also exciting. Lastly, it's simply great stuff that deserves an audience, then and now! 40 tracks on 2CDs, a number of which were previously unreleased: "Nobody But You", by George & Lee, "Country Soul" by Senator Jones, "My Love Gets Stronger" by Tommy Ridgely, "I Cried A Tear" by Gerri Hall",, "When The Wind Blows In Chicago" by Chick Carbo, "The Man I'm Looking For" by Carolyn Porter, "My Broken Heart" by Wayman Dixon, "Better World" by Lee Tillman, "Wash Mama Wash" by Robert Parker, "Any Way You Want It" by Bobby Marchan and more.

-Dusty Groove America []

The Best Of International City

Various Artists


STS 2CD 6364

Rare & Unreleased New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Muscle Shoals Recordings 1964-1970

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  • 2CD$13.99OUT OF STOCK
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