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Midnight Movers

Funky Delicacies

DEL CD 0024

The Midnight Movers "Truckin'" consists of rare and unreleased masters that have not been available for over 30 years. Leader George Patterson first strengthened his chops as an ensemble player with the Chess House Band, which included drummer Maurice White who later formed Earth, Wind, and Fire. He then formed The Movers as a backup band for the penultimate soul-shouter Wilson Pickett, whose hit "I'm a Midnight Mover" served as the inspiration for the group's name. Most of these recordings date to the group's tenure in New York in the late 60s, when they alternated between Road Work for the Wicked One and as the house band for the Isley Brothers Tee-Neck records, where they laid down the tracks for the legendary hit "It's Your Thing."

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